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The Ultimate Screw Pile Measuring Solution

Digga’s Torque Logic is a revolutionary new torque monitoring and data logging system which can fit any type of drive head. Where conventional hydraulic reading can be 30-50% out, our monitoring system offers true torque readings that are 99% accurate!

Collected data can be exported via USB for certification by site engineer or manipulated using Microsoft Excel. No additional software is required.

Torque Logic can be installed by simply replacing your current pin with a new load cell. Unlike other systems, there is no loss of boom height.

More Than Just Torque

  • 99% accurate torque measurement
  • Alignment indicator
  • Data logging
  • Downloadable data
  • Wired / Wireless display option

Simple Installation 

  • Calibrated pin replaces existing hood pin
  • 7″ touch screen display
  • Superior design & engineered for tough conditions

Exportable data logging records

  • Torque, pile depth, angle, date, time
  • Additional user-defined export fields
  • Optional laser range finder for automated depth measurement & recording