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Screw Anchor Drives

Digga's Screw Anchor Drive range of screw pile anchor drives produce between are fitted with our patented anti-kickback valve, which controls the rapid decompression of oil caused during the application of foundation piles, you’ll get maximum life and performance. Using only superior quality, highly volumetric efficient hydraulic motors, Digga anchor drives can be fitted with a selection of motor options to efficiently utilize the total available horsepower of your machine. Delivering consistent and efficient pile installation throughout your working day, more lineal meters in the ground, and maximum returns.


Digga Torque Logic

Digga's Torque Logic for screw piling is a revolutionary torque monitoring and data logging system which replaces the hood pin. Where conventional hydraulic reading can be 30-50% out, our monitoring solution offers true torque readings that are over 99% accurate!

Collected data can be exported via USB for certification by the site engineer or manipulated using Microsoft Excel. No additional software is required. Not recommended for telescoping machine mounting devices such as horizontally telescoping units (digger derricks / truck booms) or any equipment with a vertically telescoping boom (forklift style telescoping boom).


Digga's Torque Logic provides you with a 99%+ accurate torque measurement alignment indicator and data logging proven solution.


Replace the existing pin with our calibrated load cell which unlike other systems, results in no loss of boom height. For anchor drive systems, two axis of motion are required (two pins at 90° of each other) to allow free motion along both the East-West / North-South planes.


Monitor and record your jobs with ease with a 7” touch enabled display and rugged IP67 ABS casing. Circuit boards, firmware and software are all designed specific for the application. Fully potted, sealed, gasketed, and cushioned to ensure maximum protection and long life.


Record torque, pile depth, angle, date, and time with additional user-defined export field options available. Optional laser range finder for automated depth measurement and recording also available.