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Light weight, hand held, screw anchor drive for the installation of screw piles in confined or low access sites such as crawl spaces. The units can be powered by portable hydraulic power packs.

31 years of design and development has produced the highest quality range of drives on the market today built. Backed up with industry leading warranty and factory backup. Digga planetary drives are specially designed for foundation and screw piling as well and setting ground anchors.

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  • Compact high torque Digga manufactured gearbox
  • Lightweight for ease of movement – The perfect drive for confined spaces
  • High efficiency Eaton/Digga geroler hydraulic motor
  • Motor mounted pressure relief valve fitted standard (HH-6K)
  • Available in single speed 8,800 Nm & 11,500 Nm
  • 1yr gearbox and 1yr motor warranty


Theoretical Torque8,849 Nm @ 142 BAR14,206 Nm @ 205 BAR
Max Pressure145 BAR @ 42 LPM205 BAR @ 70 LPM
Max Flow57 LPM @159 BAR70 LPM @ 205 BAR
Weight40 Kg63 Kg
Overall Length500 mm612mm
Max Power15 Kw33 Kw
Diameter240 mm290mm
PRV FittedStandardN/A
Std Output Shaft2″ Hex2.5″ Hex