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MEGA Screw Anchor Drives

Digga's Mega Drive range of screw anchor drives produce between 110,000Nm and 190,000Nm. Fitted with our patented anti-kickback valve, which controls the rapid decompression of oil caused during the application of foundation piles, you’ll get maximum life and performance. Using only superior quality, highly volumetric efficient hydraulic motors, Digga anchor drives efficiently utilize the total available power of your machine - Delivering consistent and efficient pile installation throughout your working day, more lineal meters in the ground, and maximum returns.

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  • - Compact high torque Digga manufactured gearbox
  • - Built-in ECV (Energy Control relief Valve)
  • - Highest volumetrically efficient motors available
  • - Extreme duty shaft locking system
  • - No complex hoses, valving, or filtration
  • - 2 Speed drives available up to 380 lpm (peak) no machine detuning necessary
  • - Drive fits down the hole for greater digging depth
  • - 1yr gear box and 1yr motor warranty