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Our 2 speed drilling auger drives for excavators and backhoes are designed for a wide range of applications. Offering a high speed/low torque setting for the smaller auger jobs when you need the extra RPM, and low speed/high torque for when you really need to grind out that larger diameter hole. It’s like having 2 drive units in 1.

Our 2 speed drives for excavators and backhoes suit machines with flows between 40 and 180 lpm.


  • Improved motor design & performance with 2 Speed options:
    • Low speed – High torque for large holes
    • High speed – Low torque for smaller holes
  • Suitable for a wide range of ground conditions:
    • Soft loose soils, hard soils, and rocky conditions
  • Integrated PRV (Pressure Relief Valve)
  • Simple electrical connection:
    • 12 or 24 volt coil, just requiring connection
    • Optional joystick switches, floor mounted switches & cigarette plugs available pre-wired to suit
  • Low maintenance with 5yr gear box and 3yr motor warranty


Rec Flow Range40-120 lpm60-150 lpm80-200 lpm100-180 lpm
Max Torque4673 Nm5758 Nm7881 Nm9916 Nm
Pressure ValveFittedFittedFittedFitted
Energy Control ValveOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Max Pressure (Do Not Exceed)240 Bar @ 150 lpm
Max Flow (Do Not Exceed)180 lpm @ 200 bar
Max Power (Do Not Exceed)60 Kw (80 hp)
Overall Length820 mm820 mm952 mm952 mm
Diameter340 mm340 mm340 mm340 mm
Weight (No Frame/Hitch)134 kg146 kg165 kg165 kg
Std Output Shaft75 mm Square75 mm Square75 mm Square75 mm Square
Swing ControlOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Rec Auger6 Series6 Series8 Series8 Series
Max Auger Dia Fracturable Rock750 mm900 mm1000 mm1000 mm
Max Auger Dia Clay/Shele*750 mm900 mm1000 mm1000 mm
Max Auger Dia Earth*1000 mm1200 mm1200 mm1500 mm