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Rock Bucket

The rock bucket grapple is used to secure loads in the bucket. Hydraulically operated, the grapple is fitted to a rock bucket to provide a grabbing arm to trap and contain debris such as rocks, branches and shrubbery. Our rock buckets and grapples are also used for waste management.

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  • - 2 sizes available. 1650mm (66") and 1900mm (75")
  • - Manufactured from Solid 28mm 1045 grade steel round bar
  • - 52mm (2") tyne spacing

Rock Bucket Grapple

The Digga Rock Bucket is used for fast clean-ups, sifting out debris & rocks, and gathering material away from buildings and obstructions. Rock buckets can also be used in waste processing applications.

Operators now wishing to minimize waste on site will find that with the use of this type of bucket, material can be sifted and sorted to clean out unwanted material and leave good soil or material behind.

See product specs & brochure here

  • - Easy to assemble with replaceable Grapple teeth
  • - Wide opening grapple with aggressive rake-back tyne design
  • - Grapple fits 1650mm and 1900mm rock buckets
  • - Teeth interlock with bucket tynes
  • - Australian Made Quality
  • - Reinforced crossbar reducing bending and flexing
  • - Spherical bearings, threaded cylinder glands and secluded grease nipples for added durability