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Rotary Axe

Digga’s heavy duty 72” Rotary Axe is the ultimate attachment for clearing & shredding thick bush & scrub.

For the best performance in clearing, carbide teeth have been added to the spinning disc to effectively remove stumps and create a clear path. The Rotary Axe boasts a world leading design as well as quality construction for increased productivity, reliability, and ease of maintenance.

  • - Protected, direct drive system for smoother, quieter operation
  • - 72” Cutting width with alternating bevel blade design - providing a deep penetrating, axe-like, self-clearing cut
  • - Blades are made of 3/4” thick high grade steel with a reversible design for added blade life
  • - Steel 'clean deck' design - Helps keep the deck clear of debris. Easier to clean and maintain
  • - Heavy duty construction allows for lower center of gravity and better stability on hillsides
  • - Highly visible pressure gauge - Prevents excessive stalling which would otherwise cause overheating, providing feedback to the operator to help maintain peak performance