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Tractor Mounted Auger Drive

Digga offers a range of tractor post hole digger solutions including front mounted auger drives and rear mounted 3 point linkage, PTO and hydraulic driven post hole diggers (ramdrills).

Digga has been designing and manufacturing post hole diggers in Australia for over 30 years. Our product quality and innovation leads the industry.

  • - Suits agricultural machines with flows up to 75lpm
  • - 5 year gearbox and 3 year motor warranty
  • - Australian Made Quality
  • - Fully serviceable gearbox
  • - Powered by Eaton hydraulic motors
  • - Multiple shaft options available

Rear Mounted Post Hole Digger


3 Point Linkage


PHD - Hydraulic


PTO - Shaft Driven

Digga manufactures a range of 3pt linkage PTO shaft driven, rear mounted hole post diggers (ram drills) and PHD hydraulic tractor borers for drilling holes. They are easy to mount and store and offer class leading performance.

3pt linkage rear mounted post hole diggers for tractors are available in 25hp, 50hp and 75hp. Non-3pt linkage PTO models are also available for tractors with 50hp and 75hp, and PHD hydraulic models for tractors with 45-115lpm hydraulic flow.

  • - Heavy duty fully adjustable frame
  • - Adjustable stabiliser legs for ease of fitment and storing
  • - Australian Made Quality with lifetime shaft pullout warranty
  • - Powered by Eaton hydraulic motors with multiple shaft options
  • - 5 year gearbox and 3 year motor warranty